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Warsaw Rising Museum Guidebook

It is impossible to learn the full history of the Warsaw Rising and see all the artefacts during a single visit to the Warsaw Rising Museum. The Museum Guidebook is therefore more than just an excellent souvenir, it is an ideal supplement to the first visit and also an invitation to tour the Museum on other occasions.

The Guidebook offers a detailed description of the Museum collection structured by successive stages of the Rising as shown on individual floors. The Guidebook contains also a brief history of the Museum and a calendar showing every year of the institution's activity. Separate chapters are dedicated to the Museum's branches – Warsaw Photoplasticon and the permanent exhibition Cells of Secret Service. The publication naturally provides ample information on the Warsaw Rising, the course of the fighting, the political context and everyday life in the insurgent Warsaw.

The Guidebook is richly illustrated and offers the reader an attractive graphic form designed by Warsaw's graphic studio Homework.


Number of pages: 236

Dimensions: 200 x 230 mm

Paperback with flaps

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